What is “Japan”? What is “Japanese culture”?

You may call “samurai(侍, soldiers)” to your mind. The idea is a little outdated because the Japanese government banned the class system, the possession of swords and “chonmage(Japanese traditional male hairstyle) in the 1860s and 1870s.

Otherwise, you may imagine “jinja(神社, shrine)”. It is true that they are important parts of Japanese culture, but we Japanese seldom visit shrines or temples because we capture those facilities are places which we visit to celebrate the new year. For your information, Japan abandoned the old lunar calendar in 1872 so many of Japanese don’t celebrate the Lunar New Year because we have forgotten the old system.

OK, how about Korea? You can easily find the answer.

“K-POP”. Korean entertainment companies take effective marketing measures to advertise their culture. Many foreign websites or media are watching and chasing the K-POP trend.

I am also a fan of K-POP. I am running a Japanese website (jijiji.jp) which introduces the Korean culture to Japanese and always admire not only the beauty of Korean musicians or actors/actresses and their excellence in marketing.

How about Japan? There are many talented artists and idol groups in Japan, but they aren’t so famous as Korean artists. One of the reasons why Japanese musicians are so well known to foreigners is the entertainment companies’ negativeness of advertising in foreign countries.

So, I want to make a website which introduces Japanese culture to foreigners. But why? Can a boy with poor English establish an English website?

I admit that this site will unlikely to become a big medium which can attract many people to Japanese culture. There is a personal reason why I make this site.

Yesterday, I failed to pass an important interview. Passing the interview is needed to study abroad at my university, but my try was a failure. I am very modifying that.

I want to improve my English by advertising our culture. Please enjoy the Japanese latest music and the improvement of the English writing of a Japanese man.

2/13/2019 jijiji